Antique Brooch

1 950 UAH
  • Приблизні роки випуску: 1970-ті
  • Стан: чудовий
  • Склад: ювелірний сплав
  • Важливо: ювелірний сплав того часу мав дуже високу якість, завдяки чому виріб зберігається багато років у чудовому стані

Про бренд

In 1955 Ben Gartner, who owned the trading company “Circle Jewelry Products Company” at that time, decided to launch a line of exquisite jewelry under the brand name “Goldette N.Y.” As understood from it's name, the jewelry design was developed in New York, although the production took place in Rhode Island.

Goldette masters used jewelry alloys of silver and gold tones, as well as alloy of beautiful antique color, known as "Russian gold". In addition, the design was complemented with handmade cameos made from natural shells: genre scenes, legionnaires’ profiles and neat female heads. The brand also used Austrian crystals of high quality, art glass, rhinestones and cabochons. To develop a unique style, Goldette N.Y. jewelers used the best traditions of jewelry art of the time. For example, Art Deco and Art Nouveau decorations, or decorations in the style of the Victorian era.

In 1977, the company “Goldette N.Y.” ceased to exist.
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